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running Asics Gel-Cumulus running shoes for men

Among the flagship models of the Japanese equipment manufacturer, Asics, are the running shoes Gel-Cumulus. Durant In its 20 years of existence, the range has never ceased to evolve, offering ever more innovative models: gel cumulus 20, 21 and today gel-cumulus 22.

Men's footwear Asics Gel-Cumulus 23

The latest addition to the Cumulus range, the Cumulus-23 is a hard-working, versatile pair of running sneakers. They are ideal for runners seeking comfort and protection during their runs. It is presented as a shoe suitable for all types of runners, whatever their weight and with a universal stride. So it's suitable for short splits, long runs and even half-marathons.

In terms of comfort, the gel in the front of the shoe means you won't feel the shock of running, or the warm-up that can sometimes occur in the foot. So this pair can accompany you on your daily workouts, and you won't feel any post-training pain! You can also use them for runs on rougher or wetter trails, where they will remain stable.

The gel-cumulus 22 reacts well to various accelerations, giving you a dynamic feel, thanks in particular to the flyte foam propel that runs along the entire length of the sole to promote rebond.

In terms of support, the gel-cumulus 23 wraps the foot extremely well, giving you flawless support even if your feet are thin.

The Asics Gel-Cumulus 23 AWL shoe

Do you like to run in winter, or are you afraid of wet and rainy conditions? Do you want to take on a running challenge in difficult conditions? Or do you just want to feel good in your sneakers, whatever the weather? Then gel-cumulus 23 AWL are for you! With their waterproof uppers, they'll keep your feet dry and warm during your runs!

Men's shoes Gel-Cumulus 22

The Gel-Cumulus 22 men's running shoes will seduce runners with their versatility: in fact, they are suitable for all levels of runner. These running shoes offer a softer feel than the Cumulus 21 and improved breathability.

The Asics Gel-Cumulus 22 LS shoe

The gel-cumulus 22 has nothing to envy autres models when it comes to stability. In fact, this pair of shoes features the IGS system (Impact Guidance System) so that runners who use them can maintain a natural stride. What's more, with its Guidance Line technology, you'll enjoy greater stability, enabling you to rack up the miles effortlessly. Finally, with its jacquard mesh, this pair will keep your feet cool even in summer. And if you like to run at night or at dusk, LITE-SHOW technology is for you! Thanks to its reflective strips, you'll be seen even in the dark.

The Asics Gel-Cumulus 22 Gt shoeX

Run in any weather with Asics gel-cumulus 22 GT-X. Indeed, the bravest runners will be able to use them in wet weather thanks to their GORE -TEX fabric, which keeps water out but lets perspiration and heat escape. Your feet will be dry but also ventilated. This pair of running has been specially designed for hard surfaces, especially road runs. With its double-layer FLUIDRIDE midsole and GEL technology in the forefoot and rearfoot, it absorbs all the shocks of a run, making it all the more enjoyable. In addition, the elastic EVA sole provides a good return of energy and an unbeatable rebond with every stride. In addition to their GORE-TEX fabric, these running sneakers for men also feature molded rubber and an AHARPLUS heel.