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The best shoes from running Mizuno

For many years now, Mizuno has been a leading manufacturer of sports shoes. Naturally, the Japanese equipment manufacturer has also been present in the world of running shoes for several decades. Combining technology and innovation, Mizuno now offers a range of emblematic running models that will meet your criteria. We have put together a test of each sneaker for you, to help you choose the right Mizuno shoe to buy for road running.

Shoe Mizuno Wave Rider

The running Mizuno Wave Rider shoe is one of the iconic models from Japanese manufacturer Mizuno. This pair of running shoes was first released in 1997. From this first edition of the Wave Rider to the latest Wave Rider 26, Mizuno has managed to maintain a balance between comfort, cushioning and dynamism. This Mizuno running shoe can be used for medium-sized races such as a 10km as well as longer races such as a half or even a marathon- you asked for a versatile shoe? Note that the Mizuno Wave Rider is more suitable for those with a universal or neutral stride.

Mizuno Waveknit shoe

This shoe from running Mizunocan be considered the little sister of the Wave Rider. The Japanese manufacturer's aim was to create a breathable running shoe that adapts to the runner's foot. The result is a knitted upper that is more comfortable than Wave Rider. Note that this running shoe prefers to be used in warmer seasons, given its composition.

Mizuno Wave shoe Sky

For several months now, Mizuno has been reinventing itself to maintain its position as leader in terms ofinnovation running. After releasing the Mizuno Wave Sky 5, the Japanese equipment manufacturer followed up with the Wave Sky 6. On the agenda is the promise of the most comfortable running shoe on the market. All this is made possible by Mizuno Foam Wave technology, the improved version of the legendary Wave plate that has made Mizuno so successful. This technology delivers unrivalled shock absorption and amazing stability, thanks in particular to its memory foam technology.

Mizuno Wave Skyrise

When we tell you that Mizuno is at the cutting edge of technology... At the end of 2019, Mizuno released a new range of shoes from running, the Mizuno Wave Skyrise. Once again, we're witnessing an explosive cocktail of technology and innovation. If you're looking for a running long-distance shoe, then you'll be delighted with this range. Foamwave and XPOP technology are once again present.