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New Balance is an American sports equipment manufacturer specializing in sports footwear. Founded in Boston in 1906, the American brand quickly specialized in the production of women's running shoes. Point Importantly, most of these shoes are produced in Europe, accounting for around 70% of global production.

How to choose running New Balance shoes for women?

You're in luck, New Balance Running has a wide selection of running for women. In fact, whatever type of New Balance running shoe you're looking for, you're bound to find something to suit you. However, you need to select the New Balance running shoe that's right for you. To do this, you need to anticipate a few key factors. Namely, what type of running you'll be doing, ta training frequency, your stride type... Because the Direct Running team is dedicated to you, we're going to give you a few tips for your future purchase.

Choosing running shoes New Balance Women according to your type of running

Running on the road, running on the trail, you can imagine that these are very different types of run. Likewise, running for a competition, or conversely, for training for a future competition, is not the same thing. If you're planning to run on the road, you can get the New Balance 1080v10, and if you're looking for a running shoe for competition, then the New Balance FuelCell TC is for you!

Choose your running New Balance women's shoes according to your stride type

There are three different types of stride: supinator, pronator and neutral. Because New Balance is an expert in its field, the American brand offers running dedicated to ta. For example, if you're looking for running shoes for neutral strides, you can buy the New Balance FuelCell Echolucent. If you're a pronator, why not check out New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo.

Choose your New Balance women's running sneakers according to the shoe's technical features

New Balance has been a recognized expert in the world of running shoes since 1906. That's why, whatever the features you're looking for in your future running, you'll find what you're looking for. If, for example, you're looking for lightweightrunning , the FuelCell range is perfectly suited. If you're looking for a comfortablerunning with good cushioning and support, then the New Balance 800 Series is for you. If you're looking for a supple New Balance running shoe, don't think again: the Fresh Foam range is for you.

Which size should you choose for your running New Balance women's shoe?

Here again, New Balance has done things right, and has put together a size guide to help you ta décision. Whether it's width or length, all you have to do is measure your foot and select the right size. Don't forget team Direct Running 's advice: if you're hesitating between two sizes, take the larger one! When you're running hard, your feet tend to swell.

The best running shoes New Balance Women

On Direct Running you'll find all the best running shoes from running New Balance . The most popular New Balance running shoes include New Balance Fresh Foam and New Balance FuelCell for women.

All new shoes from running New Balance Women

If you're looking for the latest running shoes New Balance, then good news, you've arrived at your destination. All new sneakers New Balance, as of their release date.

running New Balance cheap shoes for women

If you're looking for cheap New Balance running shoes for women, you'll find what you're looking for at Direct Running. All year round, we offer you New Balance running shoes at the best prices. We strive to always offer you the cheapest running New Balance running shoes for women on Direct Running.