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Asics is a Japanese equipment manufacturer specializing in the sale of sports shoes. Indeed, for many years now, the Japanese brand has been offering quality women's running shoes. But first of all, what does Asics mean? Anima Sana In Corpore Sano, in other words, a healthy esprit in a healthy body. This is the philosophy thatAsics wishes to promote with its running women's shoes. Innovation, research, quality, performance: these are the values you commit to when you buy a running Asics women's shoe.

How to choose your running Asics women's shoes?

Before you find ta Asics your favorite pair of sneakers, you need to consider several important aspects that will help you select THE pair of your dreams. Whether it's your type of activity, ta shoe size, ta stride, comfort... Let's take a rapide look at the different options available.

Choosing sneakers Asics according to your sporting activity

As you'll understand, before choosing your running Asics women's shoes, you need to check which model is best suited to which activity. If you're a regular runner, you'll want to select a shoe that can handle the frequency of your runs. Conversely, if you're looking for a competitive shoe, make sure you choose one that's light enough. You also need to know where you plan to use them. Are you going to run on roads? Or on trails?

Choose your running Asics women's shoes according to your stride

If you're a keen runner, you'll be aware thatAsics offers a wide range of running women's shoes to suit any stride: ta. If you have a pronated stride, you'll be able to buy the Metarun, the Gel-Kayano or the GT-2000. On the other hand, if you have a neutral stride, then I recommend the Metaride, the Gel-Nimbus or the Gel-Cumulus.

Choose women's Asics running shoes according to desired characteristics

Here again, you have a multitude of possibilities. Asics has a real expertise in comfort. With all these innovations, year after year, you now have before you a whole range offering you running comfortable shoes for the long haul. running With their GEL technology, many Asics women's shoes meet this criterion. If you're looking for the most comfortable Asics women's shoe, take a look at the Gel-Kayano 29, the Gel-Nimbus 25 or the Gel-Cumulus 25. Conversely, if you're looking for the running Asics rapide most comfortable shoe, look no further than the Dynaflyte or the Roadhawk. These are lighter than the autres running Asics women's shoes.

What size to choose for a running Asics shoe?

You're in luck: Asics offers a size guide. All you need to do is measure your foot in cm. In the Asics guide, add an extra 1 cm, as your feet tend to swell during running.

The best shoes from running Asics Women

Asics has been offering women's running sneakers of incredible quality for many years. That's why it may not be easy for you to answer the question: Which running Asics Femme shoe should I choose? Don't worry, we're here to answer all your questions. Whether you're looking for a pair of Asics women's sneakers for road and trail, or a comfortablerunning Asics women's shoe, don't hesitate. You've come to the right place.

New running Asics women's shoes

On Direct-Running, you can find all the new running Asics women's shoes, or almost all of them. In fact, we offer you all these pairs as soon as they are released, or a few days after, depending on the model. For example, right now you'll find the Gel-Nimbus 25 for women, or the brand-new Asics Novablast 3 for women. With all these new products, you're bound to find the running Asics women's shoe at the best price for you. Whether you're looking for a comfortable running Asics or a cushioned Asics women's sneaker, you'll find what you're looking for in our wide selection.

Cheap running Asics women's shoes

If you're looking for a site where you can find cheap Asics sneakers, then you've come to the right place. On Direct-Running, we do our utmost to offer you a selection of discounted running Asics women's shoes. Here you'll find all Asics women's sneakers for less, whatever the model or release date.